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Injectable Vitamins

At Pauline Stephenson Aesthetics you can top up your vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D or Biotin in one easy dose or with a course of Injections.  Take time to get your body boosted by booking an appointment today.


Vitamin B12

Increase in energy levels

Reduction in Fatigue

Aids towards weight loss

Improves the immune system

Increases metabolism

Improves brain fog

Promotes healthy skin, hair and nails

Prevents anaemia

Single doses available

Course of 4 doses available


Vitamin C

Helps prevent the common cold

Supports a healthy immune system

Important for Eye Health

Prevents Cardiovascular Disease

Maintain Health Skin

Essential to body to make collagen

Helps to prevent skin wrinkling

Single doses available

Course of 4 doses available

Vitamin Injections: Services

Vitamin D

Maintains bone density and bone health

Supports the immune system

Aids absorption of calcium for muscles, teeth and bones

Helps prevent osteoporosis

Reduces inflammation

Protects against heart disease

Supports brain function

May alleviate symptoms of arthritis

Single doses available

Course of 4 doses available

Biotin 3.jpg

Biotin Vitamin Injections

Aids in weight loss & stimulating metabolism

Boosts Hair Strength & Growth

Helps regulate cholesterol & Blood Sugar levels

Improves Nail strength & growth

Promotes appropriate function of the nervous system

Single doses available

Course of 4 doses available

Vitamin Injections: Services

Important Information

All of my injectable vitamins are prescription products.  They have been prescribed by a UK registered medical practitioner and supplied by a UK pharmacy.  None of my products have been bought from an online international source.

At your appointment you will be shown the product and the information regarding the prescription.  You will also be shown the product batch number and expiry date.


Vitamin Injections

Good nutrition is key to your health, so if you don’t mind a little pinch, vitamin injections are a great way to boost your body’s natural health.

Why would you do this? The short answer is that vitamin injections can improve your body’s natural healing, boost immune response, and promote your energy level and overall well-being.

If you’ve only just heard of vitamin shots, you’re not alone. While vitamin injections have been around for decades, they’ve only been widely-known for about 10 years. They give our bodies a more concentrated dose to that of conventional oral vitamin intakes.

Vitamin Injections: Services
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