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Lip Blush & Eyeliner: Products
SPMU Lips 1.jpg

Semi Permanent Lip Blush

A "Barely There" Lip Blush Tattoo is a fabulous treatment.  You may wish to simply emphasise your lips with a soft contour and blush or restore colour and shape that has been lost through the ageing process or just to create a more dramatic look. We will discuss your expectations in consultation and then tailor each treatment to yout request, to create the look you want.

SPMU Eyeliner 1.jpg

Semi Permanent Eyeliner & Eyelash Enhancement

Pigment is carefully placed in between the eyelashes, defining the eyes and giving the illusion of a thicker row of lashes.  In addition to the above treatment pigment is then placed above the lashes. This liner is intended to heal with a soft edge, and can be made thin or thicker, depending on the clients individual preference.

SPMU Brows 1.jpg

SPMU Brows

The pigment is gently applied to the skin using very fine needles to stencil over and fill a templated shape that is created during the consultation before the procedure begins. The sensation is that of a gentle electric toothbrush being held against the skin.

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