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Diode Hair Removal Treatment

The intelligent multi-flash function on the device works to reduce hair in approx. 3 treatments.  Treatments are done on the desired area of your body in monthly intervals, for approx. 6 weeks. More treatments may be required to get the desired results. The device can be used on any skin colour / type and can also be used on any hair colour.

This Hair Removal treatment is a safe and effective way of helping you achieve soft, smooth skin. The device uses low energy light via rapid pulses to safely traumatise the stem cells of any unwanted hair. It is fast, gentle and more effective than waxing etc.

The treatment is suitable for both men and women and can be performed on all skin types. Furthermore, it’s suitable for use on nearly all areas of the face and body including:

  • arms and underarms

  • legs

  • back and chest

  • face (top lip, cheeks, chin)

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